Dry as a Bone

After the VERY late arrival of summer here in Ireland – our cottage has been truly weather tested



Readers may remember the nightmare we had with the leaking gable

 and the subsequent hopeful cure, where render was applied



I am delighted to report that from floor to ceiling – the cottage is now as dry as a bone


A great weekend on the subject of natural building coming soon (25th – 26th July) at Caravantasia in County Tipperary.

LOTS going on – check out the details here:

Modern Builds Traditional Skills programme

I shall be speaking about how exactly we got

from here –


 – to here


As far as I know there are still a few places available

I look forward to share happy memories with the good folk there


2 thoughts on “Dry as a Bone

  1. I so love looking at those Before/After pics of the Thresher – so much work and such a stunning result. I think that it would make a very useful book, esp in these days of cheap desktop printing byut even for arm chair builders it would a pleasure to look through.

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